School Board Should Contract with Local PhotographersThe Nassau County School Board really should find a way to give a local photographer the business for senior pictures at our local high schools!

As the mother of three, my youngest is now a senior and having to go to Jacksonville to have a picture taken for the yearbook was the worst! Sure, they said you could make an appointment at the school, but NO sittings were available in Fernandina Beach when we set up the shoot… and we checked it out as soon the information became available to us.

It was an unpleasant experience, think of a long line at Disney World, or a herd heading to slaughter. It was horribly inconvenient and don’t get me started on their overpriced photo packages! I sure hope the school system gets a piece of that action.

At the very least, the yearbook picture is a “required” $25.00 sitting fee! That’s right, if you don’t let them take your students picture, your senior won’t even be in the yearbook!

I know many local photographers and several of them are well qualified to take amazing pictures of our children; at least let one of them make a little dough taking the yearbook photo here in town.

I wonder if the school board accepts bids for this project each year?

When my oldest two graduated Fernandina Beach the pictures were taken on the stage of the multi-purpose room and we could buy a package of photos for a reasonable amount of money. Needless to say, I was not prepared to fork over hundreds of dollars for a package of senior pictures that included required “poses” designed to make you want to buy them all – for a mere $750.00!

The smallest package included one pose, (4) 5 X 7s and (4) 4 X 5 photos for $129.00, their “Most Popular” was $495.00, and don’t even get me started on all of the additional ala-carte pictures you could purchase starting at $35.00 each! Even the cute little portfolio of pictures they send you to view is only $99.00 if purchased WITH a package… otherwise, it is $179.00!

Be warned parents of high school aged children, “Save up half a mortgage payment for senior pictures alone!”

This issue really struck a chord with me, why wouldn’t the School Board want to “Buy Nassau?”

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