School Board Wants Your Opinion on 2015-16 School CalendarYour input is requested regarding the Nassau County school calendar for 2015-16.

Please look at the attached three drafts and send your choice to by Friday, January 30.

Comments are welcome!

It is important to look at school start and finish dates; and the winter and spring break dates. But what I always wanted when my three kids were in school in Nassau County, was to have the Friday of the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival off. Did you know that the Shrimp Festival is how the majority of our local non-profits make the most of their money? Besides, who wants to go to school after that great big parade on Thursday night, when the entire community is excited about kicking-off the festive weekend?

Choose wisely!

2015-16 Calendar Draft A

2015-16 Calendar Draft B

2015-16 Calendar Draft C

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