Sheriff Seagraves Keynote Speaker at “Constitution in Crisis”

The Patriots of Nassau County Announce the “Constitution in Crisis”, a live event featuring Rebecca O’Dell and Sheriff Tommy Seagraves.

Sheriff Seagraves with Fishing Reward

Sheriff Seagraves with Fishing Reward

The Patriots of Nassau County Announce the “Constitution in Crisis”, a live event featuring Rebecca O’Dell and Sheriff Tommy Seagraves.

AMELIA ISLAND, FL—October 10, 2009 —The Patriots of Nassau County are hosting a live event called “Constitution in Crisis” at 7pm on October 22, 2009 at the Atlantic Recreation Center in Fernandina Beach.

Most Americans no longer understand the purpose of government. Most Americans no longer know what their inalienable rights are. Most Americans have never heard of inalienable duties. Most Americans have no idea what our different branches of government can and cannot do under our system of government. Many Americans do not even know what form of government we have!

The Patriots of Nassau County, famous for their “Tea Parties”, are a group of concerned citizens seeking to help maintain the values that made this country great.

The Constitution in Crisis will be a free event open to anyone that wants to learn about the constitution and the reasons why many people are concerned that we are losing our freedoms.

The event will feature speeches by Rebecca O’Dell and Nassau County Sheriff Tommy Seagraves. Rebecca O’Dell is an appellate attorney who practices before the U.S. Supreme Court and other state and federal appellate courts. She speaks to groups all over the state about constitutional issues facing our nation today.
Tommy Seagraves will address the role of the county sheriff in upholding the constitution and protecting the rights of the citizens of Nassau County.

The “Constitution in Crisis” event starts at 7pm and will feature a question and answer session as well as additional information from the Patriots of Nassau County.

·        What: The Constitution in Crisis
·        Who: The Patriots of Nassau County
·        Speakers: Rebecca O’Dell and Sheriff Tommy Seagraves
·        Where: The Atlantic Recreation Center, 2500 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach
·        When: October 22, 2009 at 7pm

For additional information about the Patriots of Nassau County or the “Constitution in Crisis” event contact:

Douglas Newberry
Media Coordinator
Patriots of Nassau County

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  1. achoubeach

    Ask Seagraves where our Habeas Corpus is and when are his political friends going to ask for it back

  2. tommylee

    Right you are Achoubeach. When are we going to get back our Habeas Corpus. A country without it is anarchie in the making. I believe the first signs are showing as I overheard that a protest against Bank of America is planned in Jacksonville for pulling the commercial loan of one of their larger clients.

  3. john_rigley

    To say that our constitution is in trouble would be an under statement. If the majority of the people don't wake up in this country and realize that they are losing the very foundation of what this country was built on, then yes, we are in deep trouble. I dont lean one way or the other, I just look at what's going on and how we just believe what is told to us, take it with a grain of salt and that's it. I hope more and more people will take charge of what they believe in and tell others. After all, that is exactly what the patriots did in the late 1700's.

  4. tommylee

    Right you are mr. shrimpman. This is not politics this is “human rights” within society. The set of rules we live by as a communal nation is so watered down that the shrimps don't even know anymore if they live in US territory or is it Florida or even Georgia territory right of the coast and inlets of Amelia Island.

  5. john_rigley

    Absolutely, and that is part of the larger problem. Society wants government to legislate a perfect world. We must all remember that this was the very thought that Hitler had in the 30's and 40's, his world was going to be perfect also. I believe our perfect world is within each of us. If we believe what we are doing is the right thing, and will help our fellow man and offers something better for all, then we are moving in the right direction. Just passing a new law that only makes a certain group happy for the moment is not how the Constitution or Declaration of Independence was formed. I've never heard anyone say they disagree with these two documents.

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