Skin Care 101

Taking care of your skin is vital. Skin care should be part of your daily beauty regime.

Skin Care 101Contributed by: Steven Sanchez

Our face is the first thing people look at when seeing us. It is the focal point during a conversation, and the image people see when thinking about you. We swoon over model’s perfect complexions and baby’s soft smooth skin. Taking care of your skin is vital. Skin care should be part of your daily beauty regime.

So, let’s make it easy. A beauty beginner can remember these essential tips.

Over and over again we hear that water is the answer to all things health related. Want to lose weight? Drink more water. Are you overly tired? Drink more water. Do you suffer from constipation? Drink more water. It truly can be an aid in bettering your health.

Not only does water make your body do everything better, it improves your skin. Water is the vehicle used to flush out toxins and impurities to make your skin look clearer and smoother. Nothing will improve your skin more than drinking enough water. Your skin will show a moisturizer glow after just a week of appropriate water intake.

It is good practice to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Find one you like, and make it your best friend. Have a glass of water with every meal. Ditch the high-calorie sodas, juice and coffee for a nice glass of ice water.

When we think about improving our skin, we automatically think of all the products we need to buy. But, hold the phone sister. What you are putting into your body affects your skin. You need to start with a healthy diet before hitting the make-up counters. While it may be cliché, you truly are what you eat.

A healthy, well-balanced is key to healthy skin. You don’t have to be a rigid dieter to maintain healthy skin – just health conscious. Some foods that have been shown to be especially good for your complexion are:

    • Low-fat dairy
    • Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and plums
    • Salmon, walnuts, canola oil and flaxseed
    • Whole wheat bread and muffins
    • Turkey and tuna

Facial Cleanser
After perfecting your diet, it is time to make sure your facial cleaning routine is up to par. A dirty face leads to clogged pores resulting in breakouts. Using products designed to clear breakouts, fade signs of past breakouts and keep skin clear and vibrant, like products found at Nuskin, will add to skin health.

It is important to wash your face daily. Don’t go to bed with make-up on. Give your face a nice 8 hour break from make-up. Also, keeping your hands away from your face makes skin cleaner throughout the day.

Facial Moisturizer
Daily moisturizing is a must for healthy, glowing, supple skin. Skin that can resist the ravages of the environment and stay youthful and resilient even in the harshest conditions. While striving to drink plenty of water for moisturized skin is paramount, many of us need a little extra boost. Depending on the climate you live in, skin can tend to be drier.

Moisturizers, like those from Nuskin, do more than just moisturize. They can protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. Acting as a temporary barrier, they keep many impurities from our environment from entering our skin.

If I can give any advice regarding keeping a youthful glow to your skin, it is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Exposure to UV rays causes the premature aging of skin. It causes skin to look wrinkly and leathery.

Often those with darker skin tones don’t realize or believe they can get a sunburn. Not true. Any time you are getting any type of a tan, you are being exposed to UV rays. Every time you are exposed to UV rays you are increasing your chance of skin cancer. Protect yourself.

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