Great Service with a real Smile

It seems like every time I am inclined to write a story, it is spun out of small town island life hospitality, and what better place to find and experience such things, but right here on our Amelia Island.

Recently I had a need for a change machine to separate a bag full of coins. I realize that some of the stores on island have those, but I figured my bank, First Federal, would possibly have one and I had to go there anyway on another errand.

No they did not have a change machine, they had something much better; a bank that cares with people who have a great work ethic, who aim to help in any way possible. The teller offered to separate the various coins and count them, then call me when she was finished. (I forgot to add that the change consisted of Dutch Antillean guilders, euros and our US legal tender.)

Now here is the real treat. As I am relaxing on our beautiful beaches, I receive a call from the bank letting me know that I can pick up the money anytime. How could that not bring a smile to anyone’s face?

You will never find this happening in larger cities. You drop off money with no receipt, feeling no doubts of trustworthiness from either side, you go about your daily business, receive a personal call, then go pick it up and like magic there is paper money in place of all that change and a friendly sincere smile to go with it. This is what living in a small community is all about.

Let me point out however that foreign currency cannot be exchanged, not even in paper money, which is something to remember when the upcoming Pétanque America Open brings all those people from across the pond in November. We ran into that issue last year I seem to remember, also because Jax Int’l has no exchange booths.

But I really would like to say Thank You First Federal Bank of Florida for making me feel like the most important person to bank with you. It really does make a difference when you walk in and everyone welcomes you by name. May you enjoy many successful years here on the island.