Soldiers’ Angel on Watch, Chapter 21

I took for granted the soldiers who paid the ultimate price in the two world wars and conflicts every since.

Soldiers' Angel on Watch, Chapter 21Soldiers’ Angel on Watch: Memoirs and Travel of a Country Parson Into War Zones, was written by Mike Dykes an ordained minister and veteran pastor of 43 years. Mike has been with the Armed Forces in the Morale Wellness and Recreation Department in Iraq and Afghanistan to become that Angel on Watch for the soldiers.

Here is Chapter 21:

My Education in Gratefulness

The old saying, “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry,” just became a reality here on our base. I awoke to a dry well, literally. We depend on outside sources for our water supply because we are a small encampment. When the source in interrupted, as in the case right now, you realize how vulnerable we are over here, and are at the mercy of our host country.

I took a ‘soldier bath’ before reporting for duty which was a bottled water bath, and was thankful to have a bottle of water to do so. I’m sure something will be done to correct the escalating problem ASAP, but in the mean time, we will just have to endure the smell.

Even in a war zone one can get spoiled, and another old saying comes to mind, “It could always be worse.”

What I’m trying to say to all you back home is, “Go about today with a grateful heart, and take a little inventory of what you have as opposed to what you don’t.” For so long I tried to appreciate life and all the liberties I had before coming abroad and seeing how most of the world lives, oppressed and in poverty. America truly has been heaven on earth, and I just did not know it fully, until being deployed overseas these last few years.

I took for granted the soldiers who paid the ultimate price in the two world wars and conflicts every since. Freedom is not cheap. However, being here with these brave men and women has made me acutely aware of how precious our liberties really are. Do you want to know the real facts and the bottom line? America is still the greatest nation on earth.

Don’t let current conditions, or the threat of our demise cause you to lose faith in our God. We are still far better off than most of the rest of humanity. Do yourself a favor and let today be the beginning of the rest of your life to appreciate family, church and liberty while you can. Because, trust me, you can wake up like me, to a dry well.

This is your paster friend and soldiers’ angel on watch.
God bless you and God bless America. Bro. Mike

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