Soon we too can walk on water

The price of the BP oil leak is rapidly becoming too big too handle with traditional means. The White House and BP are running out of options

What that the oil is reaching the coastlines?

No I’m not trying to be blasphemous or sacrilegious with this title. I picked it up from a twitter site that was founded less than a week ago called
Obviously it is not a true BP Twitter contribution; it’s an impersonator. Contrary to some people’s believe that it is, it collected 24,000 followers in a very short period of time, 5 times the amount BP’s official Twitter account has. This is just to prove that Americans make “fun “out of everything.

I inserted this title into Nick’s article clearly to invite reactions. -publisher

We all agree on the fact that this whole sordid oil slick affair is horrible, but we also do agree on Goldman Sach’s fleecing of American wealth (or do we?). We all do agree that we need oil without foreign dependence, but a lot of us also do not want to give up SUV’s. We do agree on so many different aspects of our society, yet we want others to carry the torch or suffer the burden.

Before it’s all done and over with, there are a lot of decisions to be made, that will affect the future of this country and Wall Street and BP are only two exponents we are dealing with right now, hopefully as a blueprint for the future. Will offshore drilling be safe at 5,000-20,000 feet and beyond? Will financial deregulation allow the American Spirit to be once again rise from the ashes and build wealth without leaving huge parts of the population behind.

Will Europe bounce back before the US has to finally face its own debt crisis. Will North and South Korea stay quiet until the US military has a chance to regroup from Iraq and Afghanistan? Are there any Black Swans we haven’t counted in the equation?

With apologies to Nick for trying to give his contribution a wider scope of engagement than just the observation of helplessness. While tornadoes are racing through the Midwest and early Atlantic storms are catching meteorologists off guard, the BP story is becoming hugely relevant to Washington’s political future and our economic survival. BP’s claim that they will cover the financial losses is as idle and faint as insurance companies declaring bankruptcy 3 hours before a hurricane hits. Even though Exxon Valdez was an Exxon caused disaster, it was BP that made the initial mistakes in asserting the consequences. Check your history.

If you have been following the oil spill in the Gulf as I have then I’m sure we probably share the same thoughts.  It is now on the beaches and in the marshes of three states, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  There are thousands of people trying to clean up the beaches.  There are boats hired to try and scoop the oil off the top of the water to stop it from reaching shore.  The Governor of Louisiana wants to get permits to build sand islands to catch the oil before it gets to the beaches and marshes. A process experts say will take 6 to 8 months.

BP has taken blame for the whole mess, they claim they are going to financially take care of everything.  Even though I honestly hope they can and will, my grandmother use to say, “time tells more then Gypsies”.  I have a completely different view on this disaster.  Yes, I believe the beaches and the marshes should be cleaned and as soon as possible.  Now is not the time to start though.  The first task must be turning the flow of oil off, you can clean all you want but it will do no good.  As you clean today more is washing up tomorrow.  This is rapidly turning into the worst ecological disaster in the history of our Nation and it looks like we are making history on many different levels as well, but that is another story.

Can the flow be shut off?  If you talk to the folks in the affected region it seems everyone has a different idea as to what will finally do the trick.  I don’t think it is going to be simple, in fact I’m not so sure it will be accomplished within the next couple of months. The latest word is a nuclear explosion, set off inside of the well at 18-20,000 ft. The Russians apparently have a substantial experience and success rate with this approach. Yet until now I’ve never heard of similar deepwell oil disasters in Russian waters, so most of all I wonder if the US would take advice from anywhere else in the world if the solution would sound plausible.

It is obvious by now that neither BP nor the White House has any timely solution handy, so maybe it is time to make it a worldwide quest. Because if we don’t, we can expect oil on the beaches of Florida, west and east coast, Georgia and the Carolinas before the summer is over.
The states are wanting the Federal Government to get involved to solve the problem.  Now let’s think about this for just a moment.  Has the Federal Government ever solved a problem?  Can they solve this one?  I will admit I don’t have the answer, but I don’t think bringing in the Federales will do anything but complicate matters even more. As a matter of fact the White House admits to that in so many words.
The fact is that we wanted oil independence so badly we decided to start drilling for oil in deepwater, without having the proper tools and procedures available to correct or abort if anything would go wrong. A bit like early Space exploration, but there it involved only a couple of individuals rather than large masses of victims.

There are other coastlines we have not talked about yet, such as the Mexican coast or the Cuban Coastline if weathersystems and gulf streams come into play. This oil has the potential of washing ashore on many beaches, creating enormous human misery. Time will tell. Unfortunately we don’t have much time with a hurricane season knocking at our front door in another week and guess what, the first 2-3 month of the Atlantic Hurricane Season happens essentially and historically in the Gulf of Mexico rather than in the Transatlantic arena. We’re definitely running out of time soon.

Also count on it that the unemployment numbers are going to rise folks, by large numbers I may add, as those who depend on the Gulf for their living are shut down and pay checks have stopped coming in.  From the commercial seafood operators, trucking, packing houses, tourism, private vacation rental owners, restaurants and the list goes on and on, they will all soon find they are laying people off because there is simply no business due to this oily mess.  I think we have just scratched the surface and I for one will be keeping an eye on the results of all the attempts to shut the oil off so we can start cleaning up.  I hope something will work, and soon.


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    Latest update on investigation of oil leak

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    Latest update on investigation of oil leak

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