Super Mall for Kingsland ?

I think if you were to find anyone who disagrees that what we need right now is jobs have either been living under a rock or not been out of a one room cell for the past two years.  Our county should be doing all they can to attract new jobs to the area.  New industries that will create those desperately need pay checks.

I read with interest where a huge shopping mall may be coming to Kingsland Georgia.  The developer is RED Development of Kansas City, Mo. and could have as many as six thousand employees, (6,000).  They have a formula for pulling visitors and shoppers from surrounding states, like a magnet.  Now RED has not committed to Kingsland because it is also considering sites in Houston and Chicago.  They like the Kingsland site because Georgia is willing to grant a 10 year refund on the sales tax generated by the development that could eventually equal one quarter of the company’s planning and construction cost.

Now I’m happy that Kingsland and the State of Georgia are being proactive and aggressive to go after developments such as this, think of the jobs and the revenue it will generate for other local businesses.  My question is why are we not doing something like this right here in Nassau County?  It seems we are reluctant to give up anything and make it more difficult for any new development to even want to take a second look at us.

We all love our county and our Island home, we talk about the beauty and the quality of life we have.  Every year when our children finish their education they are forced to leave home to find work.  Beauty is one thing, but a good quality of life starts with a pay check.  As our economy continues to spiral downward (and it is), I hope we will have the vision to look forward and do the things necessary to create those new jobs.