Survivor Amelia Island

City Commissioners play Survivor Amelia Island, where rules are made and changed, and requested advice is completely ignored.

Survivor Amelia IslandContributed by: Amelia Dude

While watching some of the Fernandina Beach City Commission meeting from last Tuesday I was reminded of one of my favorite TV game shows, Survivor. The TV show’s motto is, “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.” Now, this hardly seems like a good motto for a city government, but the similarities are incredible!

In the game, members form alliances and then get some of the weaker links to join them so they can have a majority to help vote people off the Island.

Does this sound familiar?

In the show Survivor participants often lie and cheat in order to get ahead and achieve their ultimate goal! Favors are often repaid when it comes time to vote. Rules are made and changed at will to further an individual’s whims, and good advice is asked for and completely ignored.

In past years, people who are voted off of the island are sent to Redemption Island. Competitors are not brought back in to the game unless they can win challenges against others who have been voted off, thereby earning the right to play again!

Does any one else see the similarities here?

Some of our esteemed commissioners voted for a 4-1 super majority, but when that no longer suited their goals, they changed the rule. They asked an expert for advice on a very important issue and then decided to throw it away and make their own decisions. And now rumor has it that they will bring someone back in the game to pay back some favors, totally ignoring the wishes of not only the tribe, but the whole viewership! Almost screams of “Good Old Boy Politics” doesn’t it?

I know there is always two sides to every story and everyone has their opinion, and this is just mine. I love our paradise here and hope that the ultimate goal in the Commissioner’s game is to make Fernandina Beach a better place for all.

Be sure to stayed tuned to the City of Fernandina Beach Commissioner meetings to find out “Who is going to get voted off next, and who will win the Million dollars?”

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  1. publisher_sa

    Interesting analogy, but while Survivor is a highly rated long running show, Fernandina politics can hardly drum up 20% of the audience to be interested. That’s why good old boys politics is still part of our culture.

  2. Myra Mains

    I find the terminology of good old boy politics quite interesting considering that the have not really been “good old boys” on this commission or running this city for several years.  As for the real good old boys, I will say this you knew what was going on, and what the rules were, all these transplants…hidden agendas…money money money…..more money.
    Who cares that our two retirement funds are 20 million in the whole, lets build a park.

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