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Fortune rarely accompanies anyone to the door. — Goethe

Con Men drive me crazy!

Con Men drive me crazy! They absolutely enrage me to the point where I want to get a gun permit and use it. Seems that a lot of good people these days are getting to that point as well, considering…
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Offshore Towers to be Removed

Offshore Towers to be Removed By: Jamie Deonas If you have ever ventured offshore Amelia Island then you certainly have seen the 2 offshore towers located just north of the St. Mary‚Äôs channel. These 2 towers have been in place…
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Yesterday’s Local Storms

“We have been through some bad weather, but I don’t believe I have ever seen the wind take down a chain link fence….” A Search Amelia fan suspects we had winds that exceeded 80 mph yesterday, and submitted this photo….
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