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Is Confirmation Bias Clouding Our Judgment?

Why is it that conservatives tend to watch fox news and those with more liberal leanings tend to watch MSNBC? Psychologists would tell us it’s because of what they call “confirmation bias.” Confirmation bias is the tendency of humans to…
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A letter to the One Percent

The Ninety-Nine Percent have watched helplessly as you’ve shipped our jobs overseas and debased our currency to enrich your pockets.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Formulas

Despite the occasional headline-grabbing failure of computerized high-frequency trading, it still accounts for roughly 50 percent of all trading volume.

Four Letter Words Give Unsettling Economic Signals

As daily media contradictions about the economy recovering versus taking a path to double dipping persist, Americans are unsettled and Investors have become very wary. Volatility will be a long drawn out sentiment.

Just an Oasis in the Financial Desert?

Investors and broad financial markets going up-up-and-away after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that it is time for fiscal policy, not monetary stimulus.

The Need to be Self Educated

The truffle hound — an animal so bred and trained for one narrow purpose that he wasn’t much good at anything else, and that is the reward system in a lot of academic departments – Charlie Munger

We Are Learning to Downsize

I see folks downsizing; homes are no longer the huge castles of the past twenty years but rather smaller and more sensible homes.

The Lies that Hide in Statistics

Whether it’s ignorance or intentional deceit, the market commentators today are dangerous to your prosperity and well being.