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Want To See A Photo Of My Cat?

And why do they want me to look at pictures of their cat, show me what they are eating for lunch, and insist I forward a religious or political message to others?

Facebook conditioning is the new Buzzword

Facebook is becoming a Friend of Big Brother and you may not like it. Privacy practices such as the Like Button may grant just enough space for Governments to become “buyers”.

Popular Facebook Virus

There is a popular virus affecting the Windows operating system via Facebook and other social networks.

Are You Using the Right Social Media for your Business?

The best explanation I have heard so far about Social Media classification is the following: Twitter is a cocktail party, Facebook is a Reunion and LinkedIn is a professional conference. In understandable language we can picture the base value of these tools for our businesses.

Tragic death of brother discovered via Facebook

Our socially protected upbringing will be rattled at the core of its foundation rendering Rating systems such as PG, PG-13, PG-17, R, M and Rated-X for movies and documentaries a farce compared to what will enter our lives via online television such as YouTube, DailyMotion, HULU, and many more that will sprout up from all these “Live-feeds”.

Tweet me with respect

Using social media is the ideal way for travel destination to initiate branding that leads to repeat visitors