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Log Cabin Demolished

Without pomp and circumstance, the treasured landmark Log Cabin was demolished this morning in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Learning in the Old Fashioned Barber Shop

Not everything that has been discarded under the name of progress, deserved it. The Barber Shop on Centre Street had a very social and informative function beyond cutting hair or shaving.

Fernandina Was Really Small 50 Years Ago

One thing all of these stores offered was personalized service and they would deliver right to your door. Of course back then that was a common practice, milk and diary goods were delivered and the milk came in glass jugs.

The Smell of the Pogie Plant

I can remember going along on repair jobs and after crawling around in the depths of one of the larger boats Mom just throwing those clothes away.

Fernandina Marina Welcome Station

Fernandina had the distinction of having a marine welcome station operated by the State and it was a draw for boaters entering or leaving Florida.