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Six Simple Ways to Value a Stock

Valuation methods can speed up the decision making process for investors. Depending on individual approaches, ratios determine action.

Looking for Income? Consider REITs

REITs allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. REIT performance has varied historically with a total annualized return of 11.78% over the past 10 years, and a 19.70% return in 2012!

The Tax-efficient Retirement

Many financial advisors are beginning to realize that planning for a tax-efficient retirement is more complicated than previously realized.

Asset Location: Handle With Care

As governments are looking for a bigger share of your nest egg, it becomes crucial to consider how and where to locate your assets.

Dividends: A Bird in the Hand

The S&P 500 stocks are sitting on an estimated $1.1 trillion in cash with record earnings. Some of that money will eventually find its way into the pockets of patient investors.

Is Gold a New Asset Class?

When gold is bought as an asset class, it tells you that the politicians and central bankers are making a mess.

The Roller Coaster Effect

The Fed injects into the marketplace that the US economy is growing quicker than expected and the Wall Street crowd assumes that the roller coaster is oiled and ready for a ride.

Bitcoins and Tulips

In search for a workable digital currency to replace fiat money, Bitcoin has attracted too many negative influences to survive the longterm.

The Strain and Drain of Hidden 401k Fees

The DOL is working on proposals that would require those who give investment advice, to act in the best interests of future retirees, while also banning sales commissions.