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We DID NOT Go Fishing off Amelia Island

I’m simply hoping to point out the economic impact of unnecessary fishing closures forced upon us all by misinformed officials who may have someone else’s special interests in mind.

Cold Snap Damages Florida Fish Stocks

The recent cold snap appears to have damaged fish stocks throughout the sunshine state. Massive fish kills from Jacksonville all the way to the Florida Keys are being reported.

Sharks off Amelia Island

We battled three sharks at a time in some instances, causing mayhem and lots of tangled lines and lost tackle.

Spectacular Fishing off Amelia Island

August fishing off Amelia Island was nothing less than spectacular. King fish were reported being caught right off the beach along with excellent action at all the inshore reefs

Fishing Rod Basics

Referring to a fishing rod as a ”POLE” draws a swift rebuke and a lesson on how poles are for flags or NASCAR starting positions.

Going Solo and Fishing Alone

Stalking and catching fish alone provides a certain stimulation I liken to finding an arrowhead in the woods or getting an unexpected check in the mail.

Chumming for King Mackerel

We kept fishing while I laid on the front deck. My head was over the side rail as I was bringing up everything that I had put in my system for at least the last year.

Fishing for King Mackerel in Florida

We were after the King Mackerels, but the Barricuda were hitting the kings before we could get them into the boat, biting most of them completely in half.

September Fishing on Amelia Island

Written by Jamie D. In addition to the gorgeous early fall weather we have seen over the past couple of weeks the fishing here off Amelia Island has gotten better and better. The flooded marshes have continued to push huge…
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