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The Word is to Invest in Brazil

I may not personally like investment bankers Goldman Sachs corporate ethics, but when they share their analysis of a major economic trend it’s best to listen and study how you might prosper from their advice.

A Shortage of Silver is on the Horizon

As gold is getting almost impossible to come by, silver is going the same route and shortages are looming on the horizon. Prices will rise to an unprecedented level

Gold is Money

Central banks are starting to hoard gold. Why? What’s the real solution to the constant boom and bust of our credit markets?

Best Online Discount Brokers

There are several more brokerages that offer great services. But these 5 should be all the analysis you need.

China the Dollar and Gold

The way China thinks about the dollar and gold affects every one of us on our precious Amelia Island.

Hold Your Nose and Buy

Consumer spending remains weak. Loan demand remains weak. Credit markets are tight. The labor market is weak. Wages are frozen in most industries and the cost of raw materials is higher.

Gold and Silver on a Tear

Apparently China is pushing the idea of buying gold and silver for investment purposes to the general population in the way that Western television sells soap powder.

Federal Reserve Saving the Day

The Optimism is back according to the headlines announcing “A new bull market” and that’s exactly why most investors buy at market tops and sell at bottoms.