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My Fair Lady 2016

This “rags to riches” story is a tale about Eliza Doolittle, who is discovered by Professor Henry Higgins, who wagers a collegue that he can turn Eliza into “a lady” simply by altering her speech & dressing her accordingly.

Ordinary Days at Studio 209

Modern musical, Ordinary Days, is coming to Amelia Community Theatre for four performances on the Studio 209 stage.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

FLT’s cast includes Buffy Wells, Frank O’Donnell, Stephen France, Janet Cote-Merow, Rebecca Brown and Karen Antworth; the production is directed by Amelia Hart.

Parallel Lives Coming to Studio 209

In the opening scene, two Supreme Beings plan the beginning of the world with the relish of two slightly sadistic suburban wives decorating a living room…

Address Unknown at Fernandina Little Theater

Max is a German Jew operating a San Francisco gallery. His friend, Martin, returns to Germany; he is an Aryan. The two write letters until one is returned, “Address Unknown”.

2015 Laugh-In Review

Amelia Musical Playhouse, Amelia Island’s newest theatre, has brought back Laugh-In Revue, the sold out show from last fall.