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J-O-B-S Spells Market Rally

After a scare back in the fall of 2011, the economy seems to be gaining steam and stock prices have reflected that.

Does It Pay to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Within the structure of longterm mortgages, interest rates, tax deductions, inflationary pressures, it is sometimes better to not pay off your loans.

More Sovereign Debt Roulette

As the sovereign debt crisis spreads in Europe, government bond interest rates are rising above what’s considered a sustainable level.

What Happened to the Economy ?

We’re in a period of de-leveraging, but Mr. Market doesn’t care what we think. He has plans of his own! That’s why stock market investors are ahead for the year. For now.

Three Key Ideas from Steve Jobs

Choose quality over quantity, learn to say no and connect the dots of your life’s experiences, the fundamentals of success.

Just an Oasis in the Financial Desert?

Investors and broad financial markets going up-up-and-away after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that it is time for fiscal policy, not monetary stimulus.