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Deb Cottle on D-Talks Radio

Local Author and Speaker Deb Cottle will be talking on D-Talks Radio with Denise Brown and Danielle Pierre Thursday

Conquering Fear and Dread

Discarding the false belief that you are not capable of successfully dealing with the situation frees you from feelings fear and dread.

Achieve Your Goals with Determination

I was talking with a friend recently and he was having trouble staying motivated. We soon realized that he simply did not have the determination to achieve his goal.

World on a String Slideshow

Here is the slideshow from World on a String, a motivational and inspirational event held in Fernandina Beach, see how many folks you recognize.

Defining New and Healthier Habits

So you are now two weeks into your New Year’s Resolution, how are you doing? The first couple of weeks of defining new and healthier habits can be tough.

Help for Procrastinators

Procrastinators are often overwhelmed with their to-do list, so they opt for doing less important tasks or nothing at all.

How to Avoid the Tiger Woods Syndrome

In this article you’ll learn about the mechanics of the ’shadow’ or ‘crash-and-burn” in your life and we’ll look at practical ways for you to handle it so you don’t get blindsided.