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Music Gets You Moving and More

Music is a wonderful way to boost your learning schools, get you up and moving, and improve your moods. Switch off the television and crank up the tunes!

5 Top EDM Festivals You Must Attend

EDM festivals take place in some of the best cities in the world. If you haven’t planned to visit some of these concerts yet, it’s time to contact your travel agent.

Music is my Ammunition

The world gets more accessible through music. Music does not need translation to connect across the globe. This weekend’s Sunsplash is proof as will be the upcoming Blues Festival

Richard Gilewitz Guitar Pickin Workshop

One of the strangest men in acoustic music today is Richard Gilewitz. He fascinates his audiences with finger style gymnastics on his 6 and 12-string guitars while spinning tales too unbelievable not to be true.