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The American Dream – The New Walk Away Plan

For many homeowners the American Dream has come to an end and they elect to hand their home keys to the mortgage lender and walk away, without consideration for credit consequences.

Real Estate Numbers and Wishful Thinking

I read with interest the business section of the Florida Times Union this morning telling how the Real Estate sales were up by seventy percent in the area. I thought to myself, I must be living inside of a conch…
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Is Your Home Depreciating Daily?

If you owe a mortgage on your home and you have lived in it for less then six years, or if you have refinanced in the last five to six years, the chances are great you are now under water.

Julie McCracken, Real Estate Professional

Working with Prudential, Chaplin Williams Realty, Julie enjoys embedding herself into the community with the Boys and Girls Club of Nassau County and the Rotary Club.

What is a Short Sale?

We have had many requests asking for an explanation of just what a short sale is and the effects it may have on a seller

Jump In When the Market is Down

I read an interesting article from the University of Florida about the state’s high unemployment rate; Florida could face a long recovery in a Real Estate rebound, because of uncertainty.

Real Estate Sales in the UK are Up. Are we next?

The UK has seen the value of Real Estate fall and credit tightened just as we have experienced here in the U.S. Now the UK is showing signs of the housing market bouncing back; and at a healthy rate.