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Unemployment is Fueling Foreclosures

Until we see a marked improvement in the national employment picture, we will continue to see a steady wave of foreclosures hitting the markets.

Real Estate Market and Taxes

Local governments are permitted by law to increase property taxes at a rate equal to personal income growth, without that increment being treated as a tax increase, and for 2009 that growth rate is 2.5%.

Always Get It in Writing

A written contract is there to protect you and the other party. More often than not issues will pop up, but if the issue is covered in the contract then there really is no issue. The problem is when an issue pops up and it is not covered, then it becomes a problem. Always, put it in writing and avoid problems in the future.

Property Sold on Amelia Island in Early July

Here is the real estate report for property sold, specifically residential and condo sales, on Amelia Island, Florida for the week of 7-6-09 to 7-13-09. We are always hearing about the real estate market everywhere except in our own backyards….
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How Long Will This Down Real Estate Market Last?

I have the unique opportunity to talk about real estate around Amelia Island, Florida, and the current market each and every day with many different people. The question always comes up, just how long do I think this down market…
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