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Positive Parenting

Strong emotional bonds help children learn how to manage their own feelings and behaviors and develop self-confidence.

Exploring the Biology of Relationships

Wide-ranging research suggests that strong social ties are linked to a longer life. In contrast, loneliness and social isolation are linked to poorer health, depression, and increased risk of early death.

What’s Up, Ho?

Lucky for you Punk, that I am good natured, because if you pulled this crap with someone else, you may have been shot!

Do On-Line Dating Services Work?

After three days of pondering the decision, she spent the $29.00 and renewed her membership so she could pursue this 100% match.

The Tale of Shirley and Marcy

The story is about Shirley and Marcy and it reminds us how vulnerable we feel as our children begin to grow up and exert independence.