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Spaghetti Dinner

The Spaghetti Dinner will be held at the Memorial United Methodist Church from 4:30—7:30, Thursday the 29th of April.

Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival

This is the largest and best festival you will ever attend! The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival is always held the first weekend in May!

Frozen Papaya Rum – Shrimp Festival cocktail Delights

Remember the Macarena? Well, the Philippines created a craze last year with the ‘Papaya’. The dance craze has simple steps‚ little clap clap,  a little shuffle shuffle and point your fingers in the air! Everybody and their grandmother seemed to catch…
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Pink Passion Martini – Shrimp Festival Cocktail Delights

The Color Pink, symbolism and psychology. Although color psychology is a relatively new area of scientific research, ancient civilizations believed in¬†the influence of color on humans. The ancient¬†Chinese,¬†Egyptians, and¬†Indians believed in¬†chromotherapy, or healing with colors. Today‚Äôs common connotations with the…
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Tweet me with respect

Using social media is the ideal way for travel destination to initiate branding that leads to repeat visitors

Shrimp Festival

The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival,‚ÄúAlways Held the First Weekend in May‚Äù, is now just two months away! The official dates are set for May 1-3, 2009. The Pirate Parade is themed, ‚ÄúHome Grown Shrimp, the Pick of the…
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