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Want To See A Photo Of My Cat?

And why do they want me to look at pictures of their cat, show me what they are eating for lunch, and insist I forward a religious or political message to others?

Promote Yourself

The importance of self-promotion cannot be underestimated when your goal is career success.

Community Forum on Social Media

The event, which will be free and open to the public, will feature a presentation on using social media to promote the arts.

The Museum of Me Experience

Most people don’t know about nor understand the current advancements of technology. Try out Museum of Me and you’ll get a glimpse.

Is social media a Fad, part 2 [VIDEO]

What was a wild growth in Social Media has become in a short couple of months more organized with greater control but also with much more clarity that without using social media small businesses will not survive.

Head Blogger for Alicia Keys

Work for a global entertainment icon with the ability to reach and inspire millions. Post your resume on Monster.com today!

Are You Using the Right Social Media for your Business?

The best explanation I have heard so far about Social Media classification is the following: Twitter is a cocktail party, Facebook is a Reunion and LinkedIn is a professional conference. In understandable language we can picture the base value of these tools for our businesses.