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After Jerry Springer Can we Still Demand Privacy?

Between Privacy and the need for Publicity, is there a line where the inalienable right becomes Public Property? Social Media promote openness of personal information in the pursuit of popularity.

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Search Amelia announces another free Social Media lecture on Monday, February 15 at Indigo Alley on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach.

Tragic death of brother discovered via Facebook

Our socially protected upbringing will be rattled at the core of its foundation rendering Rating systems such as PG, PG-13, PG-17, R, M and Rated-X for movies and documentaries a farce compared to what will enter our lives via online television such as YouTube, DailyMotion, HULU, and many more that will sprout up from all these “Live-feeds”.

iPad is the official name, iMagic is the official branding

Although the beyond reason hyped up all in one 10″ super computer for $499 as predicted by many, reason defeats that Apple would ever cannibalize on its own laptop and notebook market share, the iPad will rule the tablet market in its target market.

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Using social media is the ideal way for travel destination to initiate branding that leads to repeat visitors