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Turning Sixty Four on Thanksgiving

Turning sixty four on Thanksgiving is almost a mandate to revisit one’s life’s grateful events. My gratitude goes out to my wife, the uplift of the children and grandchildren and my many friends.

A Thanksgiving Lesson

The Pilgrims agreed to establish a colony in northern Virginia where they would plant crops, fish the waters and hunt in the forests.

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is when we share with loved ones; and give of our time, talents and money to those less fortunate.

Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Message

As you gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, Fernandina Beach Fire-Rescue would like to remind everyone to make safety your top priorities.

Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Attitude

My first Thanksgiving in the US was celebrated with my Cuban American friend and accountant Joe Delgado and his delightful extended family. The year was 1980 and the place was Atlanta Georgia. I had recently opened my company there in…
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Interesting Stories for the Holiday Season

The First Thanksgiving Celebration in the Americas… was it Menendez, who shared a Mass and a Meal of bean soup with the Timucuan Indians on September 8, 1565 in St. Augustine Florida?

Wisdom to Get Through Thanksgiving

Realizing how stressful and difficult Thanksgiving entertaining can be, Grandma sent us some tips to help deal with the variety of personalities.

Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing

By: Judie Mackie Folks rave about my Thanksgiving stuffing each and every year, so I thought this year I would share my recipe with anyone who wants to try it. Ingredients: 2 Pounds ‚Äì ground breakfast sausage (one hot and…
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