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Taking Care of Your Tires

After receiving the $800.00 invoice for the work, the technician showed me what could be done to increase the life of the tires and to amplify their safety.

Avoid Overheating on Your Florida Vacation

Here are some great tips to avoid overheating on your Florida vacation by staying cool and hydrated. Know the warning signs of heat related problems and better yet, know how to avoid them in the first place.

Stay Healthy and Avoid Sickness on Vacation

It is easy to want to take in all of the sites when you are on vacation, but you really do need to rest properly and stay hydrated. By keeping a few things in mind you will increase your chance of staying healthy and avoiding sickness on your next vacation.

Taking Your Boat Trailer on the Open Road

Boat trailers are a vital part of any boat package and are responsible for taking you and your boat safely in and out of the water. The trailer is also the place that a boat spends the bulk of its time during any given season, so why would you not want to take extra good care of it and its components?

Old Balconies are Dangerous

Early in June, the City of Fernandina Beach Fire-Rescue Department was dispatched to a reported balcony collapse. The initial report from Nassau County Dispatch was that a second floor exterior balcony had collapsed and several people were injured. We hear…
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Crime in Fernandina Beach

I truly believe that there always are going to be bad people where ever you go, but Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island are some of the safest places that I can think of, thanks to all the good people that do live here.

Finding Wait Times for Rides at Disney World

It is amazing what can be solved with the phrase, “There’s an App. For that.” Laid off from an advertising agency after 11 years of employment, Brent Pope, became tired of the long lines encountered at the Magic Kingdom, so…
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The Sin City Easy Cheese Incident

As much as I love the paradise that we live in here on Amelia Island, sometimes the urge calls to leave Fernandina Beach and travel to other tourist destinations.