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Major Airports are re-designing the way we travel

Airlines shrink capacity to charge higher fares, Cruise companies use secure travel to increase ticket prices and airports are becoming transportation hubs. Travel is becoming a luxury…again.

Greek Olives from Corfu

Olive trees don’t fruit until they are 200 years old, and live to be over 800 years old. There is a death penalty to cut one down.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors

Tent camping with a group of family and friends is communal living at its finest at Ginnie Springs Outdoors.

Discount Airlines set the Stage

“Flying isn’t the elegant excursion it used to be anymore. It’s like a U-Haul adventure.” – Erma Bombeck on coin operated bathrooms.

Travel – What is Your Return on Life?

The Travel Agency invited Kathy Johns from Lindblad Expeditions for a tete-a-tete with expedition enthusiasts on Amelia Island. In an intimate setting at Red Otter Outfitters, the audience was awed by the beauty and exhilaration of National Geographic endorsed travel to the outskirts of the planet.

Rocky Mountain Ski Trip

Living at sea level on Amelia Island can have its disadvantages when vacationing at 10,500 ft., but we were there to ski and snow was everywhere. It was just pure fluffy white powder, ankle deep on every trial.

Camping: Know How To Before You Go

Sitting there in your flannel shirt with the duckbilled waterproof boots, holding a steaming hot cup of coffee while staring at an open fire with your chocolate lab contently looking on.

Ocean Going Cities

When Royal Caribbean International took delivery of the Oasis of the Seas yesterday, the world’s largest cruise ship to-date, this reinforced my dream of living permanently in a city on the oceans.