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Take a Trip on the Auto Train

Taking the Auto Train was relatively inexpensive for the convenience of not having to drive the 855 miles each way.

Florida Vacation Discounts

Florida is a dream vacation for summer if you don’t live in the Sunshine State, this year expect FREE extras.

Take a Vacation

Taking a vacation, even a short one, is a great way to recharge your battery to regain the energy needed to tackle life head-on.

Harris Teeter Amelia Island Vacation Giveaway

Harris Teeter customers who sign up for the personalized weekly email program by March 31, 2010, will be entered into the “Amelia Island Dream Vacation Sweepstakes.”

Old Balconies are Dangerous

Early in June, the City of Fernandina Beach Fire-Rescue Department was dispatched to a reported balcony collapse. The initial report from Nassau County Dispatch was that a second floor exterior balcony had collapsed and several people were injured. We hear…
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Island First Aid Tips

Alligators – Do NOT go near alligators. They run very fast. Do NOT feed or tease! Bee Stings – Apply a baking soda paste and ice. If allergic, seek medical help. Crab Bites – Rinse well, disinfect, and apply antibiotic…
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