Tangles Hair Salon Opens Officially for Business

After 25 years of Shear Fantasy at the Walmart Shopping Mall on island, master stylist Vicki Simmons opens Tangles Salon in Yulee-O'Neal

Vicky Simmons and staff opening Tangles Salon in Fernandina Mainland

After more than 25 years of Shear Fantasy in the Amelia Island Shopping Mall next to Radio Shack, virtuoso hair stylist Vicki Simmons, cut the ribbon for her new Salon named Tangles in the O’Neal neighborhood Strip Mall in Yulee, right next door to Dick’s Wings and Grill.
Invited guests, customers and friends cheered Vicki on, as she cut the ribbon with an oversized pair of scissors, which she promised not to use on her customers.

Tangles Hair Salon

The difference between Shear Fantasy at the old location and Tangles at the new one is the space and lay-out. The salon is modern, airy, relaxing and with enough space to turn a hairstyle appointment into a relaxing time at the spa.

Together with co-stylists  Ahn Morgan, Sheila Brockett, Angela MacIntyre and David Price, Vicki is offering a wealth of creativity, experience and scissor magic, while Erin Lumpkins completes the salons service as Manicure Specialist.

When looking at the pricing of the salon’s services, I noticed that they had remained the same as at the previous location, which I interpreted as good, especially since it is always risky to change locations after such a long time in one spot. With keeping the salon fees the same, they will at least give the previous island customer base the opportunity to test the new and improved location and find out for themselves that it’s really no big deal to quickly hop over the bridge and get the same great haircut and friendly service, they had been receiving before.

After a couple of short introductions, the party was invited to taste from a fabulous spread, which admittedly made my dinner plans evaporate into a trip to the Gym.
Vicki has been our stylist since we came to Amelia Island almost 5 years ago, and even though we will not go over the bridge to the mainland for anything that we can replace or live without, our next appointments with Tangles Hair Salon are set for next week. She’s just that good and besides, she and her co-workers are some of the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet.

Bright Sunlight on Tangles

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