Flaming Lamborghini

The Flaming Lamborghini is renowned for hitting the spot.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to serve its job; the
Blue Curacao sweetens the drink, the Baileys cools the throat
and the Kahlua and Sambuca just…well…do the job!

The Recipe serves 1

1 shot of Kahlua
1 shot of Sambuca
1 shot Blue Curacao
1 shot Baileys

In a large glass add the Kahlua and Sambuca.
Fill 2 shot glasses, one with Blue Curacao and the
other with Baileys. Light the Kahlua and Sambuca
with a match. For legal and safety reasons, have them drink this thru a straw.
When they have nearly reached the bottom, put out the “burn” by adding the
Blue Curacao and Baileys.
Make them finish off the drink, as a shooter, without the straw!!!