I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook recently discussing the invasion of the tourists and their intention to transplant to Nassau County, specifically Amelia Island. I’ve also been discussing among friends and acquaintances that the number of out of state tags we’ve seen like New York, Vermont, Michigan, and others, are increasing. Now, anyone who lives here knows this is a paradise, a “Mayberry by the Sea”, and I admit we moved here over 30 years ago after visiting as tourists from Atlanta.

This recent invasion, however, seems to be instigated by Covid 19, weather, politics, and the exodus of blue states.

A fraction of the tourism is people who have second homes in Florida. They are coming here, if they are 65 or older, to get the vaccine. Others, whom don’t have second homes here, are also coming here on medical vacations to get one of Florida’s vaccines. Florida is run well, it will be their turn soon. While Governor Ron DeSantis has no problem with part-time residents getting their shot in Florida, there are no residency requirements on Florida’s Department of Health website.

A blast of cold air and snow has also sent many families scrambling to Florida. And with much of the country operating from home… are the kids in those states physically attending school? If that is the case vacations can be taken anytime of the year.

Florida is a friendly state, whether you are red or blue aligned in politics. However, with the influx of new residents from the North, I am concerned Florida will go blue at the next election. Unlike the main stream media who refers to this sudden change of demographics as going “purple”.

Both Florida and Texas are seeing an increase in population from states with higher taxes. It is no coincidence those from the west coast are going to Texas and those from the east coast are coming to Florida; neither state has an income tax. So, now that they have voted to ruin their own state’s economies, they are moving out and invading states with lower costs of living and lower taxes.

Here is what I recommend we do. When tourists ask about our community let’s tell them our schools are horrible, our taxes are high, the island is infested with rats, our local government is inept, and our cost of living is huge. Maybe they’ll go a little further south or perhaps a little further west… like Texas.

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