Can't say no to this, can you!

This morning, like most mornings I walked our little snorkie Scootertje on the beach and even though the sun was already edging higher on the eastern horizon, it was still brisk. Especially with the tide up to the dunes, the incoming breeze was invigorating in my case, but apparently quite cold for a women who was sitting a bit up the dunes with a camera and a thermos can of coffee and dressed warmly.

Since our snorkie (a 50/50 mix between a mini Schnauzer and a Yorkie) is completely ignorant of danger and everyone is his friend when the excitement catches his morning walks on the beach, I often get entangled in unintended conversations, while I’m really trying to keep up the pace and pay dues to my caloric intake of the previous day .

The woman this morning said with regret that she traveled constantly, but wished she could have a dog, while loving on our pup.
Even though I do understand her dilemma, reason why we waited until 3 years ago when traveling became an occasional instead of a weekly thing, I also remember our old neighbor Debbie with her beautiful lab Alex. Deb travels every week for work, often 3 or 4 days out of town. She values Alex so much however that she hired another neighbor to walk and feed Alex and even spend time with her. It is the price she pays for loyal companionship when she finally relaxes at home, she says.

This reminded me of an email my older brother sent me from Holland a couple of days ago that I would like to share with you.
– If you’re looking for someone who eats everything you serve him and never complains that Mom was a better cook..


..adopt a dog!

– If you’re looking for someone who will do anything with you, no matter the time of day ( or night), no matter when or where it takes him…

..adopt a dog!

– If you’re looking for someone who will never take the remote control, no matter if you’re watching football or a romantic movie…

..adopt a dog!

– If you’re looking for someone who will warm your feet in bed and who you can kick off the bed when the snoring gets too loud…

..adopt a dog!

– If you’re looking for someone who will never criticize your tone of voice and who won’t care whether you’re beautiful, handsome or homely…

..adopt a dog!

– but

when you’re looking for someone who will not hear you when you call, completely ignore you when you come home, leave hair all over the house, go out for most of the night and only come home to sleep and eat, and act as if their happiness should be the sole purpose of your life…

Now who is in charge here?

..than get yourself a cat!

Honestly, you didn’t think I was going to say get married, were you?