The Pickers Market Opens on 201 Alachua Street

Centrally located between 3 favorite downtown eateries, The Pickers Market Opens its doors to eclectic shoppers

The Pickers Market at 201 Alachua St. Fernandina Beach Opens

The Pickers Market at 201 Alachua St. Fernandina Beach Opens

The Pickers Market is opening up today, September 15 at the location we all knew as Trailer Park Collectibles until last year. We went to take a quick look and were amazed at the upgrades and decorations done to this beautiful location. More than a dozen local permanent exhibitors collaborate in rooms, nooks and crannies with a wide variety of eclectic collectibles, decorations, furnishings, memorabilia and paintings.

As the exhibitors were frantically pricing the merchandise to be ready for the opening, we got a little picture peek of what seems to be a very welcome downtown shopping attraction, good for at least an hour of eye-popping wow moments, just looking at all the “stuff” on display for sale and wondering about their history. For a man who is not really into shopping, I must admit that the Pickers Market is interesting; not stuffed, but nicely spaced, airy and full of natural light playing in through the windows.

The concept of collaborating is not new but works perfectly in a slow economy, as costs are easier to carry when shared and marketing as a group attracts a much wider audience.

If visiting historic downtown Fernandina Beach, make sure to include a visit to the Pickers Market at 201 Alachua Street, anchored by 3 of our favorite eateries in downtown; Arte’s Pizza, Café Karibo and the Crab Trap.

Interior Display at the Pickers MarketAnother display at the Pickers MarketTJ's Eclectic Nook at the Pickers Market

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