The Power of Words that Stir Emotions

This video shows the enormous power of the creative word. Get control over your future and sign up for the 5 Day Wordpress Website Builder Bootcamp

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After a year of mixed blessings and some very painful setbacks and losses, there is nothing that gives more balance of lasting value than the creative power of expressing an emotion so beautifully as it is done in this award winning video, which in time and space nevertheless is plagiarism. The essence of the Story of a Sign, whether it won an Award in Cannes Film Festival or should be banned as plagiarism, is that it proves once again that mankind can be moved if the right words touch the musical strings of the heart.

After seeing this video I felt that I needed to identify with the story of those poor people in a small town in Alabama who have lost everything because the pensionfund they had contributed to all their life while working for the city, ran dry more than a year ago. Their golden years have turned into cold misery and their homes have turned into cardbox shelters.

In another conversation this morning I learned second hand from an FDIC official that 2011 will possibly see a horrendous increase in bank closings around the nation, because of the alleged fraud with the missing real estate foreclosures on the bank’s balance sheets. So far this year the FDIC has closed 157 banks across the country, just a dozen short from the anticipated final total. The FDIC ran out of money to cover our deposits a long time ago and is borrowing to cover from the Federal Reserve, who is printing more money to cover the debt. Well it does look like we’re trying to lift ourselves up by the handle while standing in the bucket.

In inconsequential front page news today I learn that 84 year old Hugh Heffner, Mr. Playboy himself, is getting married to a 24 year old, and I have to believe it is love, because 30 years ago I promised myself never to judge again. I guess I won’t say what I think, and hope that nobody considers that judging!!

The old man in the video reminds me of my clochard friends in Paris so many years ago when I spent a lot of time there on business. And the young man, albeit much better looking than I ever did, reminds me of myself with my corporate 3 piece suites and Delsey and Samsonite briefcases in the late 70s, strotting proudly and self confident, handing favors and ideas to the less fortunate. So it seems at least.

I left corporate soon after, before I turned 30, moved across the Atlantic and started painting my own roads less traveled. No safety net, no security. I did it by doing what the young man in the video does, by being creative. I helped building and selling companies, spent 20 years sailing and working around the Caribbean Islands, to finally land in one of the best places I have ever lived. Being creative is the essence in being happy. But having the guts to strike out and lay your own road down, is your choice, yours only.

Creatively helping people in need is essential to happiness and while watching this video I felt compassion for all those boomers and retirees who feel that the rug of comfort has been or will be pulled soon.

I saw my friend Ric, who had lost his comfort and nest egg in the 2008 crash, build himself back over the past year, by applying what had brought him his comfort in the first place: creativity and guts.

I have one advice if you feel your future is threatened: re-build your future on the Internet. You have all the experience of a lifetime in your backpack; pick out what you know and liked best and learn to control your own future.
I can put you in control of your own future inside of 5 days.

The story of a sign is strong and effective marketing. The power of the written word is mighty, if you know how to get it exposed to the right people.

5 Days in January WordPress Website Building Bootcamp

Dates: Monday January 17 – Friday January 21, 2011
Location: Amelia Hotel at the Beach – Boardroom
Objective: Reserve and build your own WordPress e-commerce website and be in business by the end of the week.

Cost:  $995 per person; $1,650 for 2 people from the same company. Register by December 24, 2010 and get domain name registration and ONE year hosting free.

Fee includes: All course materials, coffee breaks and lunches, domain name and one year hosting (if paid by December 24-midnight)

Information:  Johan Ramakers Phd., (904) 310 6153 –
Judie Mackie –

Description: In the course of 5 days we will look over your shoulder as you reserve your website domain, learn how to build the navigation and populate the WordPress website, organize and implement the search engine optimization aspects, set up the social media presence and take the website “live” for you to control your online future and manage and grow your business.


Day One

1. Introduction
2. Make laptops internet-accessible
3. Download Safari browser
4. Define domain name; reserve domain name and hosting plan with Hosting company
5. Go into cPanel set up and organize manager URL

6. Go into WordPress to choose and select theme templates*
7. Set back-end user/admin access
8. Define objective(s)/ targets / mission
9. Work up website navigation

Day Close

10. Q & A fine-tuning

Homework (a) Find Visuals and (b) Write content outlines based on navigation *

Day Two

1. Check on status of all URLs
2. Prepare content for all navigation: (a) Pages, (b) Categories, (c) Posts
3. Set: (a) Visual Formats, (b) Forums, (c) Plug-ins, (d) Widgets, (e) Columns

4. Start uploading main navigation
5. Double check formats
6. Complete explanation of WordPress bars and how they work
7. Set up email accounts with signatures

Day Close

8. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Three:

1. Double check all domains
2. Work up social media accounts: (a) Facebook, (b) Twitter, (c) LinkedIn, (d) YouTube, (e) RSS, (f) Google Account (incl. everything- maps/view/alerts/adwords/keywords etc),
3. Attach SHARE network to website

4. Set up PayPal Account **
5. Shopping Cart navigation
6. Evaluation

Day Close

6. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Four:

1. Triple Check: (a) All links, (b) navigation, (c) sizing
2. Image optimization
3. Maintenance Blog Schedule, Social Media Toolkit and spreadsheet
4. Feedburners/ email campaigns, email database harvesting
5. Constant Contact- never better – newsletter

6. “Ranking” secrets/ coding secrets
7. Free research tools to help ranking, competition research, keyword duplication
8. Learn how to Build video with photos and upload to youTube/Vimeo for website distribution
9. Launch and start Search Engine submission process

Day Close

10. Q & A fine-tuning

Day Five (half day):

1. Complete start of the day session – write and publish a blog story; promote the entire Social Media Circuit
– do intermediate ranking checks on Google, Bing and Yahoo with keyword alterations
2. Building an email data base
3. Final Question and Answers session

Follow Up: On Wednesday January 26 from 6 – 8 pm there is a closing follow up for Q and A

* Asterix indicated entries include instructions and requirements that will come with the registration instructions.

There is only seating for 15 positions on this course.

The Course will be given by: Judie Mackie – Editor, Search Amelia; Johan Ramakers Phd. – Publisher Search Amelia assisted by Lawrence Mackie and Jessica Livingston.

NOTE: If you’re not yet ready, you may occasionally watch Real Econ TV. You may find it useful, informative, sometimes even entertaining… and yes it might even help you avoid falling in a hole or two.

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