The Salt at the Ritz presents Tastes of Spain and Portugal

Flavors and dishes from Spain and Portugal, prepared by some of the best chefs this side of New York and accompanied by an exclusive selection of 9 Iberian peninsula wines, makes for a very special occasion.

Portugal has some of the best cuisine in the world

Last night we went out to meet a bunch of good old friends on the Wednesday night Pétanque get together at Karibo Kafé. When the Poynter’s decided to add two courts to their beautiful courtyard café, they probably did not expect the dramatic growth of Pétanque here on Amelia Island since Philippe Boets moved his Petanque America from Greensboro North Carolina to the island just over 14 months ago.
There were some 30 players sitting around the tables and another dozen or so playing on the courts. Great atmosphere, good food and the divine presence of an aperitive which goes hand in hand with the famous French ballgame.

I saw that Isabelle Chety, the mairtre d’ at Salt in the Ritz Carlton had joined the group of aficionados, all in “training” for the upcoming Pétanque America Open in November. In a quiet moment Isabelle asked me if I had received the email pertaining to their promotion “the Flavors of Salt Tour” which is highlighting the cuisines and wines of Spain and Portugal on September 16 at their exquisite restaurant.
Being particularly in tune with the wonders of both countries’ cuisines and wines, the invitation had caught my eye and for what it offered, the ticket was a steal.
Just imagine hors d’oeuvres, nine distinct wines paired impeccably with a five course dinner showcasing the flavors of Spain and Portugal prepared by Guest chef Daniel Zeal, supported by the equally exceptional cuisine matadors of the Salt Restaurant virtually guarantees a wonderful experience.

Here is the problem however: I have already two $100 plus a plate invitations for this month, one of which I already committed to, which is Steve Riecks’ Expand in Nassau annual fundraiser dinner later in the month. Now I am very much aware that several of these monthly propositions do not pose a problem for certain echelons of our diverse island population, however attending several of these functions a month is seriously affecting my monthly budgets as I do not go to these events without my wife, a budgetary decision compounded by the fact that numerous charities are desperately seeking funding for their causes and are finding my email address very compelling .

So here is my observation for Isabelle, who is a lovely French woman and a superb Maitre d’; can you move the event to October when we celebrate my wife’s birthday or November when we celebrate mine and I will be delighted to come and enjoy what will be memorable and superb, but in September my little red book is full.
But for all of you out there who still have an open spot and a good reason to celebrate in style and perfection, call Isabelle at (904) 491-6723 for more information or drop her an email to

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