I heard this expression for the first time last night when our acoustic rock band of 2 old hippies and one young stud (our apprentice pet project) were gigging at the new “Two Guys Sports Pub” on 8th Street. First of all, great little place (well not so little, but if you have played in Stadiums in the old days, this is quaint) with a wall of great atmosphere and a very appreciative crowd.  Anyway, during a break, I overheard a woman in the outside part of the establishment (great for smokers and open air pool players, it even has two large screen TV’s) talking about the Trail of Tears they were doing. So I had to ask what it meant and learned that it’s the euphemism for an evening of bar-hopping through Downtown Fernandina’s music filled bars and saloon.

Of course I asked why a Festive and Noteworthy Bar hopping event such as this (you need a lot of practice and training to survive this type of bodily onslaught) had been given the sad name of Trail of Tears. Nobody seem to exactly know the history behind it, but it was commonly accepted that it must have something to do with the melancholy that surrounds running into a lot of past loves and lost love affairs in these places. Nobody seemed to give the thought that it possibly could be about “next-morning-hangovers” any serious consideration. I would… after all there a quite a few lively hotspots to visit on this marathon run.

Soon however the attention turned to why our band was named Revolution as some had heard the “rumor” that the make up of our band was quite peculiar or maybe the word “unusual” is a better choice. One of the Two Guys actually re-baptized us into Evolution, as a better fitting name. So, to put an end to all the speculation, stolen glances and whispering voices, here is the story in a nutshell which now seems to be turning into a gimmick. Dave is TJ’s ex-husband, I’m TJ’s current husband and Drew (the young one) is TJ and Dave’s son, and we play in a band together. End of story. We get along well, the kids love the fact that there is no strangeness or tension in the relations and we love to play music together. Maybe that is what evolution is supposed to mean. Life is already tough enough as it is without all of us letting emotions and egos get it the way of our pursuit of happiness.

Maybe that is one of the constructive messages we can revive and bring back from the sixties. Playing Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Elton John, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After etc. and a bunch of originals dealing with life and relationships is a great stress relief  and a lot of fun in times when many of us wonder where it all went wrong.

So if you see a poster or announcement of an acoustic rockband named “Evolution” you know it’s us, doing our part to bring back memories of the best of the sixties and seventies. Thanks Chuck for the suggestion to change the name. And to all you barhoppers out there, maybe you should consider changing the Trail of Tears into Happy Trails. That’s what it should be in the first place. Cheers.