The Versatile SmartphoneSmartphones combine the versatility of cell phones, gaming consoles, PDAs, and personal computers into one handheld device. I am constantly amazed at all the features of my smartphone that I somehow got along without for years. I used to believe that all I needed was a phone to make and receive calls and text messages, but that was before I synced my office email account to my smartphone.

That move has come with the good, the bad, and the ugly consequences. Now I can keep up with work email, but I can never completely “get away” from work. Add that to Angry Birds and Facebook and I never find myself with nothing to do. I find that my smartphone gives me a unique ability to balance my work and home lives.

The popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones changes how we communicate, seek out information, and do business. Internet experts are predicting that it won’t be long before we use our mobile devices more often than regular computers to access the internet.

Smartphones not only allow you to store and play your entire collection of music, they allow you to download and watch movies and television shows. You can also download and listen to podcasts. You can also keep up with your reading using either an eBook reader, or the smartphone’s ability to play audio books. Whether you’re stuck at the airport, trapped in a traffic jam or bored in a business meeting, your favorite media is at your fingertips.

Many web developers have created mobile versions of websites because of the growing trend in smartphone use to access the internet. Perhaps the greatest advantage to owning a smartphone is the availability of thousands of small applications, called apps. A wide variety of apps can be downloaded from online stores, allowing you customize and personalize your phone.

Some of these apps can be extremely helpful. For example, according the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website, local Nassau County residents that received storm damage from Tropical Storm Debby can use the FEMA app can apply for federal disaster assistance. There is also a First Coast News weather app available to keep you informed of developing weather situations.

The small size of most apps, combined with the large storage capacity available on smartphones means you can have dozens or even hundreds of apps stored on your smartphone, an app for whatever you are in the mood for or whatever you need to get done. Basically, a smartphone is a useful tool to help you with your work and home life.

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