There is Great Value in Pacing Yourself

This poem explores life's daily run ins and the value of pacing yourself in tackling the emotions that come from them.

The depth of time disappears in spiral circles

The depth of time disappears in clockwise spiral circles

I sit inside my rocker and feel wind upon my face,

I know within an hour I begin a hectic pace

of problems and contentions, of anger and array,

of the many personalities presented to me every day.

Yet now the time is peaceful, the presence is so dark.

Soon upon my very crevice a new days’ sun will embark.

My mind prepares for battle; My heart seeks to try the stretch,

my talents coil in awareness, conflicting duties will now fetch.

I ponder dreams forgotten, I seek to bury past

in a present touch of whirlwind where my life has now been cast.

Yet I cannot see the tempest, and I do not feel the fates

of whirlwind opposing virtue, of the conflict at the gates,

for I feel a peace within me, a very calming of the soul,

even with the stroking awareness that today’s life will take its toll,

for I do not feel alone in this battle and this strife,

but a calling, reason, purpose, of a meaning to this life.

I am asked to heed and listen, to make a difference in this world,

to overcome my own desires and slow troubles yet unfurled.

Within a couple hours I will take the chains of right

and shackle many problems that right now are out of sight.

Already in my mind are my prayers that beg for strength,

for courage, hope and victory, when fear seems so at length.

Will I make the right decisions? Will I stand in my own way?

Will I face the tribulation? Am I up to facing the frey?

But for now the tempest is stilled. At the present I can see

that nature still is willing to offer all of its’ best to me,

for I see a bird fly high above, a squirrel climbs up a tree,

A duck waddles up. I give her some bread. Somehow she understands me.

And the wind speaks to my heart as it rustles through the trees,

and says, “Be still for this moment. The best is yet to be.”

There is no doubt that in many moments I face conflict galore,

where people bring their troubles, and solving them becomes our chore.

But for the minute that I sit here I see calm on God’s Great Earth,

and I know that what I feel right now is calm and peace and worth.

We all are taken care of, our problems are so minute.

Our plans so minscule, compared to the grass growing under foot.

Such a giant universe, so filled with love and care,

intricately planned, such a privilege just to be here.

And life is oh so short on this earth that we call home.

To get lost in our silly problems is to make our purpose roam.

So I sit here in my rocker knowing soon I face the day,

but for now I rest and feel the wind and let nature have her say.

I will not be here long; I now know to love my presence

in a universe well planned and brought to give me all some essence

of a thankful being with one more day to offer up a prayer

of thanks and love and service; For now I rock here in my chair.

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