Those Dreaded Reading Glasses

I needed to do a quick stitching job and after about 15 minutes of trying to thread a needle, I whipped out the little glasses.

Those Dreaded Reading Glasses

Those Dreaded Reading Glasses

We were preparing to go to a costume party a couple of weeks ago and I had my hair rolled tight in old fashioned sponge rollers, complete with a lacy cap. I needed to do a quick sew job on my husband’s costume and after about 15 minutes of trying to thread a needle, I whipped out the little glasses. Forgetting my scissors, I slid the tiny glasses down to the tip of my nose and darted into the office for my sewing scissors. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a print hanging in the hallway and I burst into laughter.

Now, I will admit I have begun to see my mother in pictures of myself and so far, that has not been difficult to adjust to; after all, my mother has always been the most beautiful woman in the world! However on this particular Saturday night it was not my mother that I saw, it was my grandmother. “Oh Lord,” I begged. “Please don’t let anyone come to the door.”

I have noticed over the past year that to adequately complete some tasks on my to-do list, I pulled out the dreaded reading glasses. It is natural part of the aging process, but why do we dread getting caught actually wearing them? “No one will notice”, I told myself when I began wearing them on a dainty chain around my neck when I am safe in the privacy of my own home. Then of course, enters the dear friend down the street who can’t resist calling me “four eyes” when he catches me wearing them.

Until recently, I did not carry them in my purse, but only in my laptop case if I were traveling. To age gracefully and continue doing “the little things” that I cannot do without those damn little spectacles, I have decided that it is worth putting a small pair in my handbag. My justification is to continue to protect my family by being able to read the small print on labels and to give my brain a healthy workout… something I should consider giving the rest of my body a little more often!

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