Three Candidates Compete for County Commissioner District 4

There are 3 republican candidates up for County Commissioner, District 4. They are Audie Ash, Barry Holloway and Richard Williams.

Three Candidates Compete for County Commissioner District 4

Three Candidates Compete for County Commissioner District 4

There are three republican candidates up for the County Commissioner, District 4 seat. They are Audie Ash, Barry Holloway and Richard Henry Williams.

Audie Ash is a dedicated family man and father of four. This republican wants to stop expansion of government, protect the job security of our police and fire fighters, ensure quality education and apply a bit of creative budgeting, so he can do more, with less. He has been in our community for awhile because he refers to the Shrimp Festival as the “Shrimp Boat Festival.”

Barry Hollway is serious about continuing his position as County Commissioner and he is one of the only politicians who contacted SearchAmelia directly about their pursuit of office. I had a pleasant conversation with Barry and you can find Holloway’s bio here. From his large glossy, four-sided postcard that asks, “Who will defend our jobs and help move Nassau County forward?” I learned that Barry is a Florida native and lives in Bryceville with his wife of 40 years, Candy. They have two grown children. Currently a County Commissioner, he serves on numerous state and local boards. His conservative values focus on lower taxes, reduced spending and creating new jobs.

Holloway sent us his plan to keep Nassau County Moving Forward:

“Vote August 24th

Experience We Need ● Leadership To Get Things Done ● Principles That Serve

Commissioner Barry Holloway
…A Plan to Keep Nassau County Moving Forward!

Keep Taxes Low
Establish a committee of local business leaders and elected officials to look at our current tax structure. Bring back ideas to help fund local government and keep our current level of service for the people of Nassau County.

Continue to work closely with the Nassau County Economic Development Board (NCEDB) and both Chambers of Commerce to bring good paying jobs to our county.

Small Business Expansion
Create a small business incubator to offer advice and help to our citizens who want to expand or create a new business in Nassau County. We have access to a wide range of retired professionals who can and have offered to help get this started.

We must allow small farmers and land owners to work together to make agribusiness a growing part of our economy. The development of agribusiness will ensure that our economy remains productive, will create jobs and help people put their resources to work.

Transportation / Trade
The developments in international trade will bring new opportunities for Nassau County in the next few years. The expansion of the port and the demand for warehousing, rail and other resources needed to ensure the transfer of goods to and from the ports will become a high priority. Trade is good for Florida and will be a bigger part of our future here in Nassau County.

Professional Standards of Conduct
Appoint a committee to review and re-write Nassau County’s Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook. All elected officials as well as county employees should be held to a higher standard of conduct, ethics and trust.
Visit the Nassau County website for news, events, budgets and contact information.

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Richard Henry Williams is a republican from Hilliard. Here is his financial report.

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