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You were given a voice for a reason...use it.

In the bigger scheme of things it does not really matter what you think about an election process, your role in the world, your function in the family, soccer club, marching band or wherever else you hang your hat in your business or private life; what counts is that you make your voice heard!

Afraid to speak or being ridiculed? Not sure about the response you’re going to get? Not sure you have an opinion? Now what difference does that make in this day and age? You need to be heard, but it is smarter to first choose carefully what you want to be heard in and then make it your own.

And never forget you are here for a reason, and one of those reasons is that this is your time to make noise. You are very special. There is no one in the universe like you.

You are unique, a special being of your own, with no one like you. No one has your DNA. No one reacts to all aspects of life like you do. That’s one of the special reasons why you are here, because of your uniqueness. I don’t know what it is, but there is something in you that makes you different from all the rest of the billions of people in the world, and even if you were the only one missing out of all those people, you would be missed, because there is no one like you. If a woman has 15 children, and loses one of them to a disease or war or whatever, even if those remaining 14 children would love her as hard and passionate as they could, they would never have the void of that one missing child filled. She would always miss that child no matter what.

What I’m really trying to convey is, “Enjoy your uniqueness, celebrate it, and make your voice heard.” You have a reason for that voice, and that is what is loved and special about you. So speak up, make yourself known, turn up the volume and get to know the world around you which you have been given to enjoy but also to face. Know you are special, know you are sacred, and celebrate the only one of you that is. Never demean yourself, never forget your specialties, and never ridicule your talents. Follow your passions.

Find your purpose and spend the time in your life fulfilling it. You may not completely find it, but it would be an even greater tragedy for you not to search for and improve whatever your purpose in life is.

If you’ve got troubles, work on them and make life better. If it’s raining on your side of the street, have the personal dignity and courage to get out of the rain. Don’t live in the rain. Dry off and live somewhere else. Move yourself is the opening line to “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by British progressive rockband YES, that became a number one here in the US in 1983. Check it out.

Move Yourself! Nobody else is going to come along and do it for you.

Blow your trumpet! Be heard! This is your time. Socrates had his time; Michelangelo had his time; Annie Oakley had her time; Rosa Parks had her time; George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had their time, and they made the noise they wanted to make unique to themselves; Now this is your time to make your own noise; What are you doing with it? What are you saying? What song are you playing with your trumpet. If you don’t blow your own horn, no one else will, either. Speak up, make a noise, be heard, and do it now, while you’ve got a chance. You may not have that chance tomorrow.

This is your time!
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