Time Did Not Change, People Did

Are kids these days living up to a different potential than previous generations? Amelio thinks so.

As the world turns...

If you’re my age you must have on occasion wondered what happened to the younger generation today compared to the generation we grew up in?  I was watching some teenagers the other day and I really took note of how they dressed, the jeans that were down around their hips, the tattoos that were on their arms, necks, chest, legs and a few with “art” on their face.  The music, at least that’s what they call the non articulate rhythms that would scare wild animals away, was loud and they were actually speaking a language I only knew a little of. I know, this is the new age and this is what they do to express themselves, just as we did things in the fifties and sixties to express ourselves.

Another thought came to me however, the realization of drugs and how they are playing a part in the lives of many of our young people today.  So where did we go wrong or did we go wrong, or is this just a normal progression-regression we are going through?

When I was growing up my parents drugged me and thought nothing of it. I was drugged to church, drugged to family reunions and funerals, drugged to the library and forced by any means deemed appropriate to do my share of household chores.  Work was not a debatable topic, it was mandatory and you did it. Period. The alternative would be unbearable.

Everyone had a job and we took pride in what we did.  Our clothes where always presentable because Mom would not have you leaving the house otherwise.  Someone with wrinkled or dirty clothes on was an reflection on Mom and she would never stand for that.  We all sat down at the dinner table each evening to eat and talk, no TV or radio on. Mom and Dad asked you how things were going, what you were doing, they also wanted to know about the friends you were keeping.  Our parents knew what we were doing.

Today it seems the family is no longer together to sit and enjoy a home cooked meal. It is too easy to simply drive thru and pick something up. Pot roast on sunday has turned into KFC buckets. I think that the problem is today’s parents treat children like equals, adults if you will. Many parents have forgotten that children like pets need strong, committed guidance and direction and when that lacks, they’ll adopt their own rules, based on TV, friends, environment.

It seems that young people today have not learned that they may need to work to earn money one day and that is much more difficult then having someone just give it to you.  Many will have a rough time making it in the real world when one day they find themselves thrown in it.  I don’t mean that all of our young people today lack work ethics and sense of responsibility, but many do.  I for one like to think about my youth, the hard work I had to do and how it pleased me to make my parents proud of me.  I hope future generations will retain some of the qualities we grew up with, for all of our sakes.


  1. tommylee

    Of course time changed, it does so every second as a progression in time so to speak. The clock ticks on and each tie we grow older second at the time. Also generation gap to generation gap widen with each progression yet the changes are not as big as we like to think in younger generations. The late babyboomers in the '50 and '60 introduced the same “outcry” rebellion for the generation before with Rock & Roll but were no different from the “roaring '20's”, the bootlegging '30, the harsh reality of wars in the '40, the regeneration of the '50's, the power flower of the '60's, the peace movements of the '70's, the technical explosion of the '80's, the information explosion of the '90's, and the communication explosion of the 21st. century. And each adding its own uniqueness to the mix we tend to call evolution.

    The problem is that every generation stops growing into new age at some point and thus are being left behind with the notion that the comfort zone of their existence (being) is challenged and the only fallback position is the comparison to their growing-up.

    However I do agree with you that society and all its rules and regulations spearheaded by the self professed “rights groups” were given powers beyond intention that escalated into “what's good for the goose is good for the gander” reasoning.

    This is why i'm so adamant against the AZ-immigration law since its ultimate interpretation will stray away from its original intention. This is what happens when you start calling “disciplinary corrective measures” on your children, child abuse or giving the opposite gender a compliment because it’s a nice day and you feel generous without further intentions but are slammed with “sexual harassment”.

    This is when society has lost touch with human emotion and expression because we and the generations following us, believe that war and killing others is acceptable while love, caring and passion are forbidden.

    The you and I generation are responsible for this because we did not stand up and fought this tooth and nail from happening. You could call this policing a form of “Selective Socialism”. Now there are sooo many of these “humanitarian movements” we simply have forgotten that parenting is not outsource-able.

  2. Joachim Stiller

    I think the title referred to the fact that time is used as an excuse, while it's not the time that changes, it's people that allow changes beyond the acceptable. It is also the absolute powerlessness over what is happening around us. It's about the fact that last week it was all about a volcano in Iceland, this week it is about Goldman Sachs and market manipulations, while we have the beautiful distraction from it all with a step back in time celebrating something as simple as shrimp.

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