Marketing Christmas Music
Marketing Christmas Music
Marketing Christmas music on December 28 is a bit late for the season. Surprisingly, I received an e-mail from AOL promoting their “Listen to Christmas Music While You Browse” program, three days after Christmas. In marketing your product or service, timing is important and you would expect a company like AOL to understand marketing basics.

I usually listen to holiday tunes before the holiday arrives, not afterwards! Yes, those who know me are not surprised to hear Christmas music coming out of my speakers in the middle of summer, but from their reactions, I thought this unusual timing of tinsel tinged tunes was not so common. Apparently, AOL disagrees.

My online holiday listening choices were made weeks ago and the more I thought about it, the more I felt like the red-headed step-child. Why would I feel honored by an invitation to download a Radio Toolbar that tempts me with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Country Holiday songs to do my online shopping or browse my favorite sites so late in the season? This is like an invitation to the Super Bowl announced in the third quarter. No, the game is not over yet, but the fair weather fans are beginning to leave the stadium!

Forgive me AOL, but my little red suit is not back from the cleaners, my sleigh has a flat and I must tend to the reindeer who are still recovering from their world tour four nights ago… but I will politely decline, maybe next year!

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