Tips to Find Perfect Medical Scrubs

During the 1940s, aprons were part of the surgeon's attire inside the operating room. Since then, medical scrubs have come a long way.

Tips to Find Perfect Medical ScrubsSo Many Medical Scrubs, So Many Decisions: Tips on How to Find & Choose the Perfect Set of Medical Scrubs

During the 1940s, aprons were made part of the surgeon’s attire inside the operating room. Since then, medical scrubs have come a long way. During the 70s, scrubs became a standard uniform among all healthcare professionals and staff for protection against possible infections or germ infestations. Fast forward today, nurses and doctors now wear scrubs that come in different design, style and color. With the variety of choices to choose from, how will you choose which scrubs is the right one for you?

Below are useful tips that will help you in finding and choosing the perfect set of medical scrubs.

Tip No. 1: Shop around.
There are several stores that carry different brands. Check out the collection first and compare the prices, styles and designs currently offered. You may even read reviews about these brands for reference.

Tip No. 2: Determine your budget.
Budget plays a major consideration when shopping for scrubs. While you go for a cheaper set, the quality may be compromised. Otherwise, you can go for more expensive ones that you can wear for years. Therefore, always consider the value for money which you can afford.

Tip No. 3: Choose a fabric according to your type of work.
Your Greys Anatomy Scrubs are made of different types of fabric. In choosing a scrub, make sure to consider the type of work you’ll be doing. If you’re in-charge of transferring patients, go for cotton-spandex to avoid ripping. If you need a scrub that is stain resistant, buy scrubs with soil release technology. If you’re after total comfort, go for cotton materials. This way, it will be easier for you to move around.

Tip No. 4: Pick the right style and color.
Scrub style depends on one’s personal preference. You can go for a v-neck scrub top with multiple pockets where you can stash those medical tools and mobile phones. You can also get straight scrubs leg with elastic waist. To determine which style is the right one for you, browse through the collection of different scrubs manufacturer.

As to color, it will still depend on the medical environment you work for. Keep in mind that certain colors are preferred by patients since it affects their mood. If you’re assigned in the operating room, choose dark colors to reduce blood visibility or other surgical spills. If you’re in the pediatric ward, then bright-colored or Disney scrubs are more appropriate.

Tip No. 5: Go for the right fit.
Like style, color and fabric, scrubs come in various sizes. In buying scrubs, comfort, relief and durability should be combined all together. You may opt for looser fitting scrubs to allow you to move freely and more comfortably.

With hundreds of choices to choose from, getting the right scrub may be difficult. Just keep in mind that scrubs should give you comfort and durability without compromising the style and quality.

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Merry Wilson works at Medical Scrubs Collection. Medical Scrubs Collection provides women solid tops, men top’s, footwear, hosiery, accessories and Cherokee uniforms. We also carry medical scrubs of various brands.

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