Today Sellers Will Try Anything, Even Burying St. Joseph

Today Sellers Will Try Anything, Even Burying St. Joseph…

St. Joseph to th rescue on selling your home

Having been in the Real Estate industry for over thirty years I have talked with several sellers who have had luck in selling their homes by simply burying a stature of St. Joseph. This custom goes back at least to the great St. Teresa of Avila (A.D 1515 – 1582) The legend goes on to tell that as the Order spread, a new convent had to be built, and they had to acquire the land. The nun’s found the perfect location for their new convent but they also discovered their bank account was just a little short. So they resorted to outside help, or divine assistance. The nuns decided to ask St. Joseph for help by burying medals imprinted with his likeness in the ground of the desired property, it worked.

It also worked for Blessed Brother Andre Bessette, who was able to get the land on which to build the shrine of St. Joseph of Mount Royal, in Montreal, Canada by praying to St. Joseph and burying a St. Joseph medal on the grounds of the future site as a sign of his prayers.

Now these two events deal with buying land, not the selling of land, and dealing with St. Joseph medals and not the statue of his likeness. Over time the folk custom came to be for sellers of homes to bury a statue of St. Joseph as a sign of prayer asking to find a buyer and hasten the sale.

So, if you are trying to sell you home, with no luck, what are the steps to take to engage the help of St. Joseph? Most commonly, a statue of St. Joseph is placed inside a protective cloth and buried, upside-down, in the front yard. People differ as to whether the statue should be upside-down or right side-up, and whether the yard should be the front yard or the back yard, but worrying about such things is unnecessary. Once you have the statue buried then this prayer to St. Joseph is said;

“Be mindful of us, O Blessed Joseph, and intercede for us with thy foster-Son by the pleading of thy prayer: do thou, in like manner, render the blessed Virgin Mary, thy Spouse, gracious unto us, for she is the Mother of Him, Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.”

When the house is sold, God and St. Joseph are thanked, the statue is dug up and given a place of honor in your new home, and you, of course, tell others about the power of St. Joseph’s intercession.
St. Joseph is the guardian of household needs and has long been asked to help with the selling of property. Does it really work? I have no answer to that question, but I do know that there are over two million St. Joseph home selling kits sold each year to Protestants and Catholics. I would assume that most people who practice this custom do superstitiously bury the statues for a sense of luck more than anything. But that doesn’t make the practice bad in itself, not when it’s done properly; with sincere prayer, giving St. Joseph a place of honor in your new home, and telling others of the wonders of this great Saint.

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