Tour Buses Coming to Fernandina in April

Bus-loads of tourists are set to invade historic Fernandina Beach most Wednesdays in April... it is a GOOD thing!

Tour Buses Coming to Fernandina in AprilDiamond Tours, a tourism bus company, plans to bring buses of tourists to historic Fernandina Beach in April 2016. As the largest bus tour company in America, they began offering bus tour destinations over 25 years ago.

The Amelia Island, St. Augustine and Jacksonville Bus Tour shows groups of about 40 people the age old spendor of St. Augustine, Jacksonville and they receive a guided tour of “stunning Fernandina Beach”.

While our downtown merchants indeed enjoy the benefits of busier shops, it may make a congested shopping day for locals.

The tours arrive between 11:30 am and 3:30 pm, and each bus has an average of 40 passengers. Here is the schedule of Tour Time, Inc. bus tours for April:

Wednesday, March 30 – 1 bus (last March bus arrival)
Wednesday, April 13 – 2 buses
Monday, April 18 – 3 buses
Wednesday, April 20 – 4 buses
Wednesday, April 27 – 2 buses

Other bus companies may make brief stops in Fernandina, too. Local business owners need this extra traffic, so please show them our fabulous Amelia Island hospitality should you encounter one of these groups.

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