Travel Via Air Charter this Holiday Season

Travelers craving flexibility and five-star service should consider air charter, bus charter, and limousine charter options.

Travel Via Air Charter this Holiday SeasonContributed by: Margot McClelland

Let’s be honest, traveling during the holiday season can be as tiring and stressful as it is relaxing and fun. Sure, upon arrival at your destination, stretching out in the sand with your favorite cocktail and a trashy novel usually makes the headache of getting there worth it. Usually. Curious about an alternative means of traveling? Air charter, or other chartering might be what you’re looking for. Convenient, comfortable, and if you do it right it can be cost effective. Travelers craving flexibility and five-star service should consider their air charter, bus charter, and limousine charter options.

Frequent flyers have come to dread airports. Everything from delayed flights to long lines to cranky security checks has effectively killed anything smooth or enjoyable about air travel. However, those who book a jet charter bypass any and all of the hassle. Once you arrive at the airport, you’re greeted personally by your pilot, and ushered directly onboard. Groups have ample space to stretch out, and solo flyers have an unmatched amount of privacy.

Still nervous about the price tag? Believe it or not, air charter companies charge around $1950 per hour of travel. While Donald Trump would have no problem shelling out this kind of cash for his transcontinental flights, consider flying with seven of your closest friends. For a spontaneous adventure from, say, Portland to San Francisco (around a three hour flight), each roundtrip ticket would total just $585. Surprisingly comparable to a pre-booked flight crammed into a small seat, surrounded by strangers. Not bad.

Those set on ground travel should check into bus charters. Ideal for massive groups (Family reunion? Sports team?), bus chartering effectively cuts down gas expenses, spares separate drivers sleepless nights on the road, and, quite simply, is way more fun. Even better? No crowded, noisy, uncomfortable commutes via public transportation. You and your crew have the freedom and space to do as you please.

Special occasions call for a bit of luxury. And a limousine charter is perfect for special occasions. Again, totally affordable for groups, not to mention V.I.P. Models range from SUV to sedan models, interiors sport everything from mini-bars to red lighting, and with the added convenience factor, it guarantees a wild night.

So? Why deal with public transportation when charter travel offers a noteworthy means to get from Point A to Point B? Comfortable, convenient, and surprisingly affordable, seriously consider it the next time you’re seeking the ultimate vacation.

Margot McClelland is a guest writer on the subjects of travel and lifestyles.

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