‘Treasure Island’ – Spend Small, Save Big.

thrift-stores-and-consignmeIn a recent thought I had about the economy and it’s effects on those hardest hit – as well as those who have not yet felt the crunch (yes, there are folks who still have jobs and businesses and make money), I realized that sometimes you have to restate the obvious. If you’re one who has seen your money / earnings dwindle recently, you are forced to cut back your spending yet still function as well as you can. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have maintained your income and lifestyle during these times, congratulations! I don’t want to ring alarm bells, but the possibility exists that you may be next. I hope not. Let’s just say that it couldn’t hurt to start saving a bit more on your regular purchases, just in case.

The one thing that disasters do though is bring people together. Folks helping folks is good to see.  One way to do all 3 things at the same time Рspend small, save big and help others in your community is maybe not as obvious as I thought. Remember when I had that thought about the economy? Way back at the beginning of all this??
The thought was that there are certain shops here that serve all 3 purposes. Those are consignment or Re-Sale Shops. Here’s the thought. A purchase at a consignment shop helps support the store owner – and family – the shop’s employees – and families – and the people who brought in the merchandise to sell – and their families. At the same time, you have quality merchandise and paid a fraction of what it would have cost to buy it new.

Today I talked to the owners of two of those shops.
Have you ever met Kim at ‘Cradle to Crayons’? She’s friendly and helpful and a mom and an all around nice lady. Her shop is in a cozy spot at 432 S. 8th St. in Fernandina Beach.
She specializes in children’s and infant clothing as well as accessories like bassinets, high chairs and toys. She even carries maternity clothes, so you can start shopping there
pre-baby. If you ask her, she’ll also point out some “hidden treasures” that are not used but brand new – obtained through closeout lots, etc. Hey, it costs alot to provide for kids. Why not spend small and save big at Cradle to Crayons?

Have you been in to see Christine at C J ‘s Closet in Amelia Crossing 1699 S. 14th Street?
What a great lady and what a great shop! Her store carries teen through adult clothing and plus sizes, along with a lot of very interesting and unique nautical and beach style decorative items. She’s also a mom and sometimes you can catch her daughter in there helping her.
I saw beautiful evening and casual wear to formal dresses including wedding dresses. Christine also carries wedding dress accessories at a fraction of the cost of a bridal shop – and she does alterations. The woman can sew!! ¬†I even saw a rack of really nice mens wear at tiny prices. C J’s is well worth a visit – if you want to spend small and save big.

Folks, you don’t need me to tell you how to live. I’m just suggesting – why not spend small, save big, and recycle the money right here on ‘Treasure Island’

Fernandina Dave

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  1. Cynnielynn

    I have been a regular customer at some of these shops on the island for many years and it has saved my family a rather large fortune! You can also recycle clothes that you no longer wear, or fit into, and either receive cash, or have money on account to buy more clothes! How great is that!?!

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